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Alameda County Democratic Central Committee

Amplify Strategies

BergDavis Public Affairs

Brick Circle Advisors

Clean Sweep Campaigns

CliffordMoss Consulting

CN Partners (WA)

Dixon/Davis Media Group (DC)

Eveleth Group

Fall Line Analytics

Ground Floor Public Affairs

Hsieh and Associates Consulting

Kamer Consulting Group

Lighthouse Public Affairs

Nicole Yelich Strategies

Overland Strategies

Riverside County Democratic Party

Rose K Consulting

San Francisco Women's Political Committee

Singer Associates

Tabletop Strategies


Valentin Consulting (NY)




Andy Kim for U.S. Congress, 2022 (NJ)

Mikie Sherill for U.S. Congress, 2022 (NJ)

Tom Mallinowski for U.S. Congress, 2022 (NJ)

Pete Stark for U.S. Congress (CA15)

Cody Reynolds for U.S. Congress (OR6)



Alicia Rule for Washington State House 2022 (WA)

Annessa Hartman for Oregon State Assembly, 2022 (IE)Assemblymember Kevin Mullin

Candis Houston for Texas State Representative, 2022

Charles Gallia for Oregon State Assembly, 2022 (IE)

Dave Paul for Washington State House 2022 (WA)

David Cortese for California State Senate, 2020

David Cortese for California State Senate, 2024

David Chiu for State Assembly (IE)

Fiona Ma for California State Assembly

Joy Silver for California State Senate

Liz Ortega for California State Assembly, 2022 (IE)

Rob Rennie for California State Assembly, 2022

Rich Gordon for State Assembly, 2010

Rich Gordon for State Assembly, 2014



Ahsha Safaí for San Francisco Supervisor 2020

Ahsha Safaí for San Francisco Supervisor 2016

Anna Song for Santa Clara Board of Ed 2020

Arthur Tom for San Francisco Supervisor

Claudine Cheng for San Francisco Supervisor

Chris Cunnie for San Francisco County Sheriff

Christine Johnson for San Francisco Supervisor

Daniel Dean for San Francisco Superior Court Judge

David Canepa for San Mateo County Supervisor 2016

David Canepa for San Mateo County Supervisor 2020

Emily Murase for San Francisco School Board

EJ Jones for San Francisco Supervisor, 2024

Julie Christensen for San Francisco Supervisor (PAC)

F.X. Crowley for San Francisco Supervisor
Gina Papan for San Mateo County Supervisor

Jo-Ann Sockolov for SMC Board of Education

Josephine Zhao for San Francisco School Board

Juan Raigoza for San Mateo County Controller

Laura Parmer-Lohan for Santa Clara Supervisor, 2022

Lilliana Udang for County Supervisor, 2024

Madeline Kronnenberg for Board of Education

Mónica Chinchilla for San Francisco Board of Education

Nancy O’Malley for Alameda County District Attorney

Nathan Fletcher for San Diego County Supervisor

Rhodesia Ransom for San Joaquin County Supervisor

Rob Rennie for Santa Clara County Supervisor

Sandie Arnott for San Mateo County Tax Collector

San Benito County Council of Governments

San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen

Sonny Dhaliwal for Supervisor, 2024

Sharmin Bock for San Francisco District Attorney

Susan Greenberg for SMC Superior Court Judge

Trevor McNeil for San Francisco School Board

Warren Slocum for San Mateo County Supervisor



Abel Guillen for Oakland City Council (PAC)

Adonica Shaw Porter for Pacfica City Council

Ahsha Safaí for DCCC

Allison Bajracharya for Los Angeles School Board

Ally Medina for Emeryville City Council

Allyson Damikalos for Tustin School Board

Angela Alioto for DCCC

Antonio Martinez for San Diego City Council

Brian O'Neill for San Jose City Council

Bruce Quan for Oakland City Council

Bryan Marotta for Ellis POA Board, 2024

Charles Davis for Compton School Board

Chris Young for Oakland City Council

Cindy Chavez for San José Mayor, 2022 (IE)

Dave Schoenthal for Richmond City Council

David Lim for San Mateo City Council

Deborah Matthews for Berkeley City Council

Dennis Herrera for San Francisco City Attorney

Domingo Candelas, San José City Council, 2024

Giselle Hale for Redwood City Council

Gwyneth Borden for BART Board

Lori Droste for Berkeley City Council

Lynne Canning for Arcata City Council

Lynette McElhaney for Oakland City Council

Jane Stoever for DCCC

Jason Galisatus for Redwood City Council

Jerry McNerney for State Senate, 2024

Kat Anderson for DCCC

Marjan Philhour for DCCC

Mark Olbert for San Carlos City Council
Mario Enriquez for Stockton City Council, 2024

Mary Jung for DCCC

Mike Alvarez-Cohen for Berkeley City Council

Neil Layton for San Carlos School Board

Omar Torres for San Jose City Council, 2022

Ray Buenaventura for Daly City City Council, 2014

Ray Buenaventura for Daly City City Council, 2018

Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council

Rosemary Kamei for San Jose City Council, 2022

Treva Reid for Oakland City Council

Treva Reid for Oakland Mayor

San Francisco Women's Political Committee, 2016, 2018

Waqar Rizvi for Stockton City Council, 2024

Wayne Lee for Millbrae City Council



Bay Area Housing for All, 2024

Yes for Our Libraries, 2023 (Great Falls, MT)

Yes for Oakland Zoo, 2022

Yes on C 2020, Childrens Health and Child Care Initiative

City of Millbrae Fire Assessment

Home Together 2020, Alameda County

Yes on D 2018, Affordable Housing for All, San Francisco

Yes on G 2018, San Benito County

Yes on O 2018, Berkeley

Yes on P 2018, Berkeley

No on C 2020, San Francisco

Measure HH 2016, Coalition for Healthy Oakland Children

Measure B 2016, Kingsburg

Measure J, San Francisco (PAC)

Measure L, San Francisco

Measure RR 2016, Keep BART Safe and Reliable

Yes on RR 2020, Los Angeles Unified School District
Measure S, Berkeley

Measure T, Richmond

Measure V, San Francisco (Soda Tax)
Yes on H 2018, Safe Neighborhoods for All

San Franciscans for a Safe and Affordable City (PAC)
San Francisco Police Officers Association (PAC)

Yes on E 2018, SF Kids vs. Big Tobacco (PAC)


Community Housing Partnership (SF)

For Richmond


Mid-Peninsula Ice Rink Foundation, 2022

Oaklanders for Oakland Zoo, 2022

Pet Food Express

San Francisco District Attorney's Office

SKS Partners

Strada Investment Group

Union Square Business Improvement District (SF)

United Coalition for Motor Club Safety

Valley Neighbors Together PAC

Even in the age of social media, direct mail is still an effective way to get your targeted message out to voters. Ross Turner Design started in direct mail design in 1984 and keeps up on the latest postal regulations - as well as FPPC requirements - to help campaigns avoid delays - and even fines.


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